About me

I specialize in scaling eCommerce businesses with a holistic, and data-driven approach. Through years of experience in digital marketing and with a background in business administration, -psychology, and sales, I help businesses stand out from the market by focusing on strategy and branding.

The result? A strong digital presence and long-term increased sales.

portrait of AYA LI
  • The beginning - December 2021

    Studying Business Psychology ignited my passion for marketing. I ventured into the world of digital marketing, launching my own consultancy to help businesses grow. With innovative strategies and a strong foundation, I embarked on an exciting journey at the beginning of my career.

  • First Client - January 2022

    It all started with my first client, a well-known marketing agency, who extended a freelance position to me. Throughout my time with them, I had the privilege of working with 10 e-commerce web shops, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in paid social media advertising. As my expertise grew, I expanded my skills to include Google ads and e-mail marketing.

  • Current standing

    My clientele has expanded to include four additional clients, in addition to the marketing agency. The agency is experiencing growth, with more clients in the pipeline. I highly value long-term collaborations and strive not only to acquire new clients but also to ensure the satisfaction of all existing clients. My goal is to consistently deliver results and provide a level of service that exceeds expectations.

  • The future

    My mission is to establish myself as the go-to digital marketing agency for e-commerce businesses aiming to increase their online sales. Through a dedicated focus on long-term strategies and a commitment to delivering outstanding services, my ultimate goal is to grow my business through positive recommendations from my existing clients. Communication, transparency, and quality are my three core values. Combining them with Top Marketing Hard Skills is the formula for positive high-retention clients and growing eCommerce businesses.